Covid-19 Response

Responding to the Global Pandemic

In April 2020, The Scripps Family Fund for Education and the Arts launched an emergency response to the Covid-19 crisis in support of current grantee organizations and health and economic needs primarily in Connecticut.

Working with current grantees, SFFEA provided flexibility in grant agreements to meet circumstances created by the pandemic. Grant periods were extended for many grants to ensure that funding could be spent on educational programs once school learning returned to classrooms. Other grants were modified to allow for new uses of funding, including support for virtual learning and technology.

SFFEA provided grants to Covid-19 response funds at several community foundations and other organizations which are focused on supporting the basic needs of vulnerable residents, including underserved rural communities in Connecticut. Support has also been provided to nonprofit organizations that offer educational programing and arts and cultural enrichment that have been financially impacted by the pandemic closures. For a number of these organizations, matching grants were structured to help incentivize donors to support fundraising appeals.

SFFEA expects to continue this Covid-19 funding initiative throughout the pandemic and recovery phase.

Updated February 2022